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Founded & Managed by Brittany Pearson

[ State of Kansas Licensed Private Investigator ]

                [ License #D-6146 ]


BP Investigations is fully licensed in the state of Kansas to help our clients in the discovery of information they themselves have struggled to obtain. Whether it’s a background check (personal or professional), genetic genealogy search, or just making sure you’re not getting “catfished” by your latest crush, BP Investigations wants to leave you happy with the end result.


Founder Brittany Pearson combines her natural curiosity, innate detection skills, degree in the science of Criminal Justice, and a lifetime of poking her nose where it doesn’t belong to offer her clients the best possible results.


Pearson was inspired to begin her own investigation service after helping a colleague discover a long-lost parent using little more than Facebook and her powers of deduction. With that first successful solve, a desire to help other people find the things they need to know was born.


Today, using a host of public and privately accessible databases, along with advanced and ethically-approved research methods, BP Investigations is more prepared than ever to help our customers get the information they need to achieve their goals.


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