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Case Studies

Have you ever wondered where you came from? Did you find out one or both of your parents weren’t your birth parents? Perhaps mom’s story didn’t add up and you’re wondering if the story was true?
At BP Investigations we believe that every lineage holds a captivating narrative waiting to be discovered. We are your genealogists of the unknown and the seekers of truth. 

Through Investigative Genetic Genealogy methods and the intricate web of genealogical research, we can piece together shattered family lines, expose long-held truths, find DNA relatives and reunite loved ones.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets locked within your DNA? To confront the shadows of your family history and embrace the truth? Welcome to BP Investigations, where the past whispers its secrets, and we help you listen.

Katie | 37 | USA

When Katie was 13, she saw her birth certificate and asked her mother why her dad’s name wasn’t on there.  Her mother finally told the truth, the man that was raising her was not her father. Katie searched for 15 years to find his identity. Through research only (later verified by DNA), Katie’s father was found and they now have a close relationship.


Frances | 63 | USA

 Johnny | 38 | UK

Frances was born in 1960 in an unwed mother’s home outside of London, England. No father’s name was listed on her birth certificate and Frances was lied to about her father’s identity, even until the day her mother died. Through meticulous DNA research and combing through numerous records throughout the UK and USA, Frances was reunited with her siblings in the UK and her father’s identity was discovered (verified by DNA).


This study also helped identify another unknown parent, located in the UK. Johnny’s grandfather never knew the identity of his father. Through DNA research and knowledge, Johnny now knows that his great-grandfather’s identity is Frances’s grandfather. (This full story was published in The Scottish Genealogist September, 2022.) 


Jonathan | 46 | USA

Jonathan was an adoptee in a 1977 closed adoption. Through DNA research and combing through DNA matches, Jonathan’s birth mother was found and confirmed. 


Michael | 48 | USA

Michael found out when he was a teenager that the man he called dad wasn’t his birth father. Michael took a DNA test and through various research methods,  Michael’s father was found and contact was made with him. They are planning to meet. 

Disclaimer: Names Changed for Privacy

To protect the identities of individuals involved in these case studies, all names with a ** have been changed. Pseudonyms have been carefully chosen to maintain clarity and avoid any unintentional identification. Please be aware that the following individuals featured in these stories are not their true names:

  • Direct participants: Individuals directly involved in the case studies, such as clients, subjects, and family members.

  • Collateral individuals: Individuals indirectly mentioned in the stories who may be impacted by identification, such as friends, associates, or community members.

  • Public figures: Public figures may be referred to by their real names unless their involvement falls under the scope of this disclaimer.

We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of all individuals involved, and we take this responsibility seriously. Changing names is one way to ensure that individuals discussed in these case studies maintain control over their personal information and are not identified against their will.

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